Class FAQ

How much does a class cost & how many people can I bring?

Adult classes (full size) will be $52 - $57 Ea.

Youth Classes (half size) will be $20 -$30 Ea.

Prices very on the DESIGN you choose.

Classes can be a size of 2 people to 16 people for our store location. Have more than that? Please see traveling class Q&A for more information.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself! We will provide the lumber, paint, brushes, apron (if you choose to utilize), and a helper if you need help along the way! We will have your table prepped before you arrive. You are more than welcome to bring drinks and food with you (this includes adult beverages)

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What if my whole party can't make it?

Don't worry! We know emergencies happen and mother nature can be very unpredictable. What we will do is pack up the class option they were going to paint with the paint and paint brushes and turn it into a To Go Kit!

Can I reschedule a class?

Yes you can! Please let us know a week in advance so we can get you a new date and that way we can open that day back up for availability. If it is due to an emergency we completely understand when unexpected circumstances happen.

What days do I offer classes and where?

Classes are a first come first serve. We offer classes Monday throught Saturday. Sometimes we will open a Sunday up. You will speak to Sonya about a day that works best for both your party and Sonya.

Classes have started as early as 7AM and the latest class has started at 6PM.

What are traveling classes and do I qualify?

If you have an event location that you would like to do a painting party we will load up all the paints, lumber, and our helpers. If this is something you are interested in we can discuss if your location will provide an adequate space and so we can prep to make sure we bring everything to make your painting party as smooth as possible.

Extra charges will include: milage distance